Pedestrian Barrier Gates

Plastic Pedestrian Barrier Gates

Barrier Gate
  • Hi impact HDPE blow moulded barrier gate system.
  • Each barrier is approx 2m x 1m (with feet) x 40mm deep.
  • Complies with BS 7818.
  • Complete with red/white reflective vinyl strip at top and space for signage in centre (e.g. blue arrow plate).
  • Supplied throughout Northern Ireland, Ireland and Mainland UK.

The new Frontier barrier from JSP is now available. 


The Frontier Cross-Link barrier boasts:

  • new stability poles to allow greater stability around open ground when winds are high. 
  • Surefoot Bloc system to also enhance the stability of the barrier in windy conditions by adding weight to the barrier.
  • Flexi-Clips to allow flexible linking of barrier gates. 
  • Free replacement of surefoot barrier feet in the unlikely event of the feet becomes broken.
  • Now available in blue and yellow with reduced MOQ of 40 units (one pallet).

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Barrier Fencing Mesh

Orange Barrier/Safety Mesh
  • Temporary site safety fencing.
  • Available in various grades for various environments.
  • Available in his vis orange or blue.
  • Standard roll size is 1m x 50m long.
  • To be used along with metal or plastic fencing pins/bars.
  • See below for fencing pins/bars.

Fencing Pins/Bars

Fencing Pin/Bars
  • Hardened steel fencing pins for use with plastic safety fencing mesh.
  • Approx dimensions 1350mm tall and 15mm diameter.
  • Can be used directly into asphalt surfaces.
  • See above for fencing mesh.