Suppliers of Contractor's Tools, Traffic Management Products, PPE, Janitorial Products and other associated Products.

AGM Belfast Ltd is based in Belfast and supplies throughout Northern Ireland, mainland UK and the Republic of Ireland.


We offer a wide selection of traffic management products, PPE, contractors tools, janitorial, and associated products . For more details, check out our product catalogue.


Products supplied include:

  • Road cones.
  • Barrier systems.
  • Road signs (temporary and permanent).
  • Safety/site signs.
  • Spades & Shovels.
  • Rakes.
  • Wheelbarrows.
  • Picks.
  • Hammers.
  • Building floats & trowels etc.
  • Drain rods and associated items.
  • Drain dye.
  • Tar boilers and associated items.
  • Mops and buckets.
  • Hi Viz clothing.
  • Safety boots & Wellington boots.
  • Safety helmets.
  • Goggles and safety specs.
  • Gloves.
  • Sand Bags (sand not included).
  • Rock Salt (de-icing salt).


Please see our catalogue for more products.

Bulldog Tools

We supply professional grade Bulldog tools for use in construction and landscaping sectors.

Spear & Jackson tools

We supply professional grade Spear & Jackson tools for use in construction and landscaping sectors.

Eclipse tools

We supply professional grade hand tools from Eclipse (a Neill Tools brand who also own Spear & Jackson) for use by professionals in construction and engineering. 

JSP Safety Products

We supply high quality safety products manufactured by JSP, from traffic cones and safety barriers to safety helmets and dust masks. 



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